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Why effective recruiting is crucial in the healthcare sector

In the dynamic and demanding world of healthcare, it is crucial to find the best talent quickly and efficiently. Qualified medical staff not only ensure a high quality of care and patient safety, but also contribute significantly to the satisfaction and motivation of the entire team. Delays in the recruitment process can lead to bottlenecks and an overload of existing staff, which in turn affects the quality of care and operational efficiency. With an efficient recruitment process, you can secure the best talent, strengthen your healthcare facility and ensure a consistently high quality of care.




Our Active Sourcing Service

You send your search request or your list of vacancies in the medical or nursing sector to the MOG Ärztevermittlung team. Our recruiting experts will introduce you to suitable candidates from our network in this success-based recruitment service.


Suitable applications for vacancies at your clinic

Filling vacancies in hospitals can be a time-consuming task. If you are looking for hospital staff but receive few or no applications in response to your job advertisements, you may be interested in our success-based recruitment / active sourcing service. Simply send your search request or your vacancy list to the MOG Ärztevermittlung team.


Find hospital staff

As a recruitment agency in the healthcare sector, we save you the time of searching for personnel and introduce you to suitable candidates from our network. Our recruiters will match your details with the qualifications of potential applicants and compile a list of suitable candidates. You can meet all the candidates you have selected and/or arrange a job shadowing.

This service is performance-based and free of charge for you. Fees are only due if you decide on a candidate and conclude an employment contract.

Are you interested in success-based recruitment / active sourcing? Then get in touch with us. Request more information or send us your search request directly.

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Get in touch with us

We invite you to get in touch with us and find out more about how we can help you recruit medical staff. Take the opportunity to get a no-obligation consultation and discuss your individual requirements. Simply fill out our contact form, send us your request by e-mail or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Benefit as a framework contract partner of MOG Ärztevermittlung!

Many of our customers (practices, specialized clinics, hospitals, acute care clinics, rehabilitation clinics, MVZs, health care facilities, and many more) have already signed a framework agreement with us, including large, well-known companies from the health care industry.

Express your interest now and benefit from the many advantages:

  • We will place a job ad for you in medical service or nursing via our recruiting channel free of charge
  • If you are a framework contract partner, we can react more quickly to your open vacancies and send you open profiles of suitable candidates if required.
  • In 2021, we have further developed our MedicalTalentNetwork. We have built up a strong talent pipeline with approximately 9,000 qualified candidates, so that we can again present you with very good profiles of all positions and specialties this year.

Interested? Send an informal email and we will get back to you!​​​​!