Medicaltalentnetwork - Coaching Programm

Medicaltalentnetwork - Coaching Program

Communication, self-management and teamwork in medicine


People in medical professions enter into very intensive relationships with their patients m/f/d, and through this have a significant influence on the quality of their care and their satisfaction. In contact with patients m/f/d and when working in multiprofessional teams, their psychosocial competencies are strongly challenged.

We specialize in teaching psychosocial skills in medicine such as patient and team communication, relationship building, self-management and leadership. We provide a comprehensive range of training, lectures and coaching for all healthcare professionals.


In a loose sequence, we offer impulse webinars for this purpose, which provide insights, food for thought and recommendations for action to interested parties and those in charge of your clinic, MVZ or rehabilitation clinic.

MOG Seminar 1

Online seminar 1: Improve collaboration between physicians and nursing


Improving interprofessional communication, working out and overcoming difficulties


When starting in a new ward, a new department, a new hospital, a good contact with the nursing staff helps us physicians m/f/d enormously. This course is about improving interprofessional communication between physicians m/f/d and nursing, as well as working out and overcoming difficulties that may arise in the context.

For example, if you are aware that the two professions have different tasks and ways of thinking and keep this in mind, it already works much better with communication. Together, we want to find ways to strengthen relationships and improve collaboration with nursing, because in the end, you all share a common goal and depend on each other in pursuit of that goal.

MOG Seminar 2

Online Seminar 2: "Help, I don't understand my boss m/f/d"

Improving communication with superiors in the hospital


Who doesn't know this? You are standing in front of your boss m/f/d and good communication is almost impossible. You feel misunderstood and have no idea how to make yourself understood


This course will help you improve your communication with supervisors in the hospital. The often large age differences and the resulting differences in ways of thinking and acting often present difficulties that are not easy to overcome. I want to help you find answers to questions like "What makes female bosses tick?" and "What is important to them?" 

We will discuss strategies to help you communicate their concerns to facilitate respectful and satisfying interactions.


Even during the Corona crisis, our team is available for you without restrictions via the known communication channel. All of your incoming applications, orders and requests will be processed without delay. We will support you!

Dr. Hänel


Dr. Patricia Hänel
is a physician and trainer with many years of experience in clinical patient care, care management, MVZ development and management, team and leadership development and coaching in medicine. At the medical faculty of the University of Magdeburg, she conducts research on work motivation and working conditions in medicine.


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