Saxony - your new place of work as a doctor?

Once a proud kingdom, today a self-confident, booming Free State: Welcome to Saxony, the land of innovation, industry and culture.


Bordering Poland in the east and the Czech Republic in the south, Saxony has always been multicultural. Leipzig is considered the new Berlin, Dresden is a tourist magnet, and as part of the metropolitan region of Central Germany with a diversity and density of art and culture that is unique in Europe, the Free State not only boasts highlights such as the Nebra Sky Disk, Luther, Johann Sebastian Bach and Goethe, but is also home to a lively urban scene - from young literature and progressive music labels to contemporary painting by the New Leipzig School, which is prominent among connoisseurs.


In addition, "Silicon Saxony" is Europe's largest microelectronics cluster and the fifth largest worldwide. However, not only every third chip produced in Europe bears the imprint "Made in Saxony", but also vehicles and engines from VW, BMW and Porsche. The industrial age began in Saxony as early as the 18th century with the establishment of the first mechanical engineering companies, making it a pioneer on the European mainland.


Saxony has long since established itself as a business location; its structure is also determined by mechanical and plant engineering as well as environmental/energy technology, life sciences or railroad, aerospace and space technology (Sigmund Jähn from Saxony was the first German in space). By the way, the daily newspaper, toothpaste and bra were invented and made in Saxony.


Besides work (as a doctor in one of the 128 clinics, including 8 rehabilitation and 2 university hospitals in Leipzig and Dresden), Saxony is a diverse nature and vacation paradise with offers for every taste and every season: hiking and climbing in #saxonyswitzerland, skiing, MTB and downhill in the Erzgebirge and Vogtland, water hiking on the Elbe along exclusive wine-growing areas and a variety of cultural monuments, and not to forget Christmas in the Montanregion Erzgebirge with Christmas markets and folk art.

And of course: motor sports, for example at the Sachsenring, which welcomes the MotoGP every year in June.


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