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Custom Audience   Infos zur Zielgruppe bei facebook

Based on an existing target group, Facebook searches for additional users who match the same characteristics.
The Custom Audience JobAd and Custom Audience Leads are based on the Facebook communities of Medicaltopjobs and MOG Ärztevermittlung, which are interested in the topics of healthcare and employment.

This results in the enormous reach of these products of approx. 2.2 million.

Custom Audience Leads

Your job offer will be advertised as an ad in the employment category with a certain budget for a selected period of time and played out on 13 placement platforms of Meta / Facebook


The ad contains:

  • Picture or video
  • Logo
  • Claim
  • Call-to-action button with link to a questionnaire used to establish leads (contacts) to potential applicants m/f/d


The enormous reach of the precisely defined target group with people interested in healthcare career topics achieves a very high level of attention for your job offer. The target group is created based on the Facebook communities of Medicaltopjobs and MOG Ärztevermittlung with up to 2.2 million reach.


Publishing an individual s contact form with targeted questions about the job offer on Facebook.


Fee 1.290 €
+ Budget* from 350 €
Price (zzgl. MwSt.) from 1.640 €



*Budget   Facebook Community für Stellenanzeigen nutzen


The budget is made up of the daily budget and the runtime. Here are our empirical values for optimal playout

  • Daily budget recommended minimum: 50 € / day
  • Runtime recommended period: 7 days


Both can be increased during the runtime if needed. For optimal use of your budget, Facebook uses algorithms to ensure that many suitable people interact with their ad.