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How to start a career as a physician in Germany

The free MedicalTalentNetwork offers physicians with a professional license in Germany a good opportunity to discreetly look for a suitable job. Upon request, our recruiting team will send you non-binding job offers that match your profile and search query.

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The paid membership in the MedicalTalentPool is a good opportunity for physicians in further training without professional recognition to make their profile known to our clinic partners. Human resources managers in hospitals from all over Germany are looking in the MedicalTalentPool for candidates whom they can invite to shadow them and whose next career steps they would like to take together.

What Germany offers you as a place to work


If you are a doctor who studied medicine abroad, there are some good arguments for moving to Germany:


  • Diverse job opportunities:
    There are many different workplaces for physicians in Germany, such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities, research institutions, university clinics or medical practices.
  • High-quality healthcare system:
    Germany is known for its high-quality healthcare system and medical care. Physicians have the opportunity to work in an advanced environment with state-of-the-art medical equipment and advanced technologies.
  • Compensation and benefits:
    Physicians in Germany generally receive competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, pension insurance, and paid vacation.
  • Continuing education opportunities:: Germany offers many continuing education opportunities for physicians to expand their expertise and advance their careers. There are various continuing education programs, research opportunities and specialization options.
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications: Germany has clear procedures for the recognition of foreign medical qualifications. Physicians have the opportunity to have their degrees and experience recognized in Germany and thus obtain a German professional license. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.
  • Work-life balance: Germany attaches great importance to a good work-life balance. Doctors often have regulated working hours and flexible working models that enable them to effectively balance their professional and private lives.
  • Culture and quality of life: Germany offers a rich cultural diversity, a high quality of life and a good infrastructure. The country is known for its historic cities, scenic beauty, cultural events and diverse recreational opportunities.
  • Language support: Language support programs and courses are available to help foreign physicians learn German.
  • Long-term career prospects: Germany offers a stable economic situation and long-term career prospects for physicians. The country is investing in the healthcare sector and there is a high demand for medical professionals.

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