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Improve the employer image of the hospital

Two of the main reasons for quitting - according to a study* from 2023 - are a more attractive field of activity and or a more attractive position. These two points are part of a company's public relations and can be excellently influenced by employer image and employer branding. The better one's own company is perceived by the public, the more attractive the field of activity and position appear.


Why do employees quit?

"The great resignation" is what the current wave of layoffs is called. This makes it all the more important that existing (and future) employees see "value" in their daily work. As a hospital or clinic or other health care facility, it seems comparatively easy to show this "value" in what they do. Unfortunately, many hospitals and facilities fail to sell this to the outside world. Whereas healthcare facilities were previously focused on healing people or accompanying them on their journey, it is now important to show employer branding as a hospital and to have employer branding. Hospitals have not had to compete for workers in the past, but the situation on the labor market is forcing them to do just that.


How does my clinic become attractive for (new) employees?

Our consultants from MCM Media Consult Maier + Partner GmbH go into seclusion with you, create a concept that fits your hospital and make your hospital shine so brightly that your existing staff is eager to stay - and new employees are attracted.



*Source: forsa study on willingness to switch commissioned by onlyfy by XING (2023), retrieved on 19.07.2023,